Residence 1

This project presented a number of design challenges to be accomodated on an infill site. There was an existing small ranch style house with a couple out-buildings when my client purchased the property. The structures were in a state of disrepair and had been vandalized. The property consisted of an average street frontage width, but was very deep. Topographical constraints included an upslope from the street to the front, a side slope to the west, and a large flat area to the rear.

My client purchased this property because of his passion for tennis and his desire to build a home with a regulation size attached indoor tennis court. Due to the configuration of the lot with the large flat site towards the rear, the spacial requirements for such a building would fit perfectly, and be screened from the street.

Great care was taken to integrate the facade of the tennis building with the main residence into a seamless structure. And since this building now occupied the traditional location of the rear yard, a pool courtyard was created between the main residence and the tennis building. Adjacent to the pool courtyard was a covered loggia, exercise room, salon, guest suite and bath.

This building greatly exceeded the minimums established at the time for green buildings and achieved a point score over 200. In addition, a 20 KW photovoltaic system was installed in the roof well above the tennis building supplying all of the electrical needs required for the residence.